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Life of Brya
(the livejournal version)
I'm procrastinating. 
Apr 19th, 2010 07:39 pm
I played SimTower for about four hours yesterday and today and, with immense pride this morning, beat the damn game. Never done it before.

Once upon a time I went on a roadtrip. I bought a stuffed (plushie, not taxidermist's) sea lion at a drive-through zoo in Oklahoma. No, I don't know why. But he's become a thing.
Mike: Samuel looks well read in his twitter pic
Me: Hah, or just well-sat. But he is a rather informed sea lion, and under that braggart facade I suspect he is a soft-hearted intellectual and big Tolstoy fan.
Mike: Really? I always thought he was more of a Hemingway kind of sea lion...
Me: He doesn't talk about it much: Hemingway is so clear and direct it makes him emotional. Plus everybody seems to have a hate-on for Hemingway so it's just better not to mention it.
So much productivity, aimed in exactly the wrong direction. ((rolls eyes)) For the record, I had about five suggestions of making Samuel a Facebook page before I actually acted on it. So he's actually popular, and I'm not that sad. :D

Hi, I'm alive. I can't even think how I'd do a catch-up entry right now, and better not even start because I have an exam tomorrow.

((bops to dance music))

Mike: Should've guessed Samuel would be emotional since he has so many lovers... and now with him on FB you never know who he's going to find.
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