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Life of Brya
(the livejournal version)
May 25th, 2021 09:13 pm - Screened Comment Box
I've been meaning to implement this idea for a while. The thing is: if you need to drop me a line, quickly, discreetly, and privately, and maybe even anonymously (though I'd hope you trusted me enough to sign your name), you could do it here. All comments to this post are screened (I'm the only one who'll see them), and it's dated so it'll stay on the top of everything. I get email notifications of every comment, and LiveJournal is one of the sites that I check every day (multiple times, most days), so I'll see your message quickly.

Use it for quick notes or long letters, I don't mind. I just want to make it easier for you to contact me without needing to log in (this post is public) to anything -- so long as you know my LJ handle, you have a line to me.

If you're looking for the traditional "comment here and I'll add you" post, it's at this address, though I don't mind if you ask here.

Initial posting: 2:28 AM Mon July 23rd, 2007
Apr 19th, 2010 07:39 pm - I'm procrastinating.
I played SimTower for about four hours yesterday and today and, with immense pride this morning, beat the damn game. Never done it before.

Once upon a time I went on a roadtrip. I bought a stuffed (plushie, not taxidermist's) sea lion at a drive-through zoo in Oklahoma. No, I don't know why. But he's become a thing.
Mike: Samuel looks well read in his twitter pic
Me: Hah, or just well-sat. But he is a rather informed sea lion, and under that braggart facade I suspect he is a soft-hearted intellectual and big Tolstoy fan.
Mike: Really? I always thought he was more of a Hemingway kind of sea lion...
Me: He doesn't talk about it much: Hemingway is so clear and direct it makes him emotional. Plus everybody seems to have a hate-on for Hemingway so it's just better not to mention it.
So much productivity, aimed in exactly the wrong direction. ((rolls eyes)) For the record, I had about five suggestions of making Samuel a Facebook page before I actually acted on it. So he's actually popular, and I'm not that sad. :D

Hi, I'm alive. I can't even think how I'd do a catch-up entry right now, and better not even start because I have an exam tomorrow.

((bops to dance music))

Mike: Should've guessed Samuel would be emotional since he has so many lovers... and now with him on FB you never know who he's going to find.
Mar 22nd, 2010 01:03 am(no subject)
Some moments I feel like I am living history. The real kind that will be put in textbooks, and not only that, but the awesome kind that will be spoken of in positive tones.
Jan 19th, 2010 01:10 am - My brain just exploded.
Phew. Earlier, LJ didn't want to post this for some reason and I was afraid I'd lost it. Hooray for saving drafts!

A long ramble on subjects such as these: literature, feminism, the ness-es of the experience of writing, my self-orientation in my contexts, introspection, speaking out, acting out, reading and book-vampirism, and unpacking.

And now read on, if you're interestedCollapse )
Dec 15th, 2009 08:20 pm(no subject)
This setup, of having two laptops where one has the Office 2007 but no internet connection, is going to come in handy in about two minutes when I put the big internet/music one across the bed and take up the other to write three two-page papers about the history of English.

Hopefully, the webcomic reading binge* has got all the procrastin out of my system.

* binge? bender more like
Dec 4th, 2009 05:10 pm - Help me, LJ!

I need some words! Adjectives, nouns, even verbs that mean, connote, evoke, or otherwise associate with water.

I joined a Secret Santa round in one of my online communities and my giftee said he likes water. And photos. I need a gift to send out by Dec 10th and I was thinking of adopting a watery word for him, possibly calligraphing (is a word? hmmph) it on something for him.

Meanwhile, I'll be stalking his posts for more clues as to what he might like.

Oct 8th, 2009 12:41 am - Dear fellow techies,
Somebody on campus noticed all the computer labs with dual monitors and decided that was a pointless way to waste energy. (From an editorial in the campus paper:)

ITaP should consider partnering up with Boiler Green Initiative more often. There are many issues besides printing in computer labs on campus that could be fixed with prudence. For example, many labs are full of computers with two monitors to every "brain" part of the computer.

If that sentence made you wince, high five. "Brain" part indeed. But please read on.

Please, will someone tell us why a student needs TWO monitors for one computers' work? Doesn't this use up an excess amount of energy? Yes, the monitors don’t require terribly large amounts of power. But, a penny saved is a penny earned, as they say. Those extra monitors could be sold to give money back to the University. Or they could be used for other computers, so more students could have access to them. And, we'd be saving on energy by not having two computer screens humming along when just one would suffice.

(Link to article, if you're interested.)

One: grammar/punctuation.

Two: Go talk to a compsci or an engineer, or even a designer. Please. That second monitor is the best thing ever when you're programming (or whatever); you can have your work up on one monitor and use the other for looking at specs or documentation or design or emails or chat at the same time. It's amazing. I can do homework with a show or movie on.

I can imagine some backlash from the students who dearly love the productivity that two monitors in the lab affords them. Already spotted one CS student who's going to write them a letter. Just... aw. You can tell the level of acquaintance with technology by "'brain' part" (instead of "workstation" or, hey, even "tower" would be okay here, I guess I should be glad it isn't "modem") but I'm really sad that the editorial went all the way to the front without someone going hey wait a minute.
Aug 26th, 2009 12:04 am(no subject)
Yesterday I felt like a new, different person. I was doing things, taking initiative and responsibility, talking to people -- holding a small audience (members at varying degrees of "acquaintance" and "friend") for a small story, even. I was capable and excited, and at the end of the day I was drained, I really don't know why. Maybe it's because it's so different, more active, from what I'd been doing the week before.

Today I was a bit back to my old habits of putting things off. Hopefully that is temporary. It had a back-of-the-throat taste of stagnation, helplessness, dullness. Still, I can think of a few things that I attempted to meet head-on rather than file away in "deal with this later".

Sum up the first two days of classes: I am a mix of excited, comfortable, and anxious. I'm a big bad senior now but I'm taking big bad senior classes, navigating all those interpersonal relations again, making to-do lists in my head and populating mental diagrams of people, places, times, and tasks. This, currently, is an experience I love to live for.

Man, though; a crush (and, really, any other degree of personal attachment) is such a hard thing to give up on. Emotional-mind feels like I'm going to miss something big, but rational-mind thinks there's already nothing to miss.


Anyone else starting a new school term or otherwise coming up on (or recovering from ^^) a turning point & want to share? (mine feels so big for many reasons I won't share here/yet)

P.S.: I keep looking for the post-icon-change pulldown at the bottom of the composition page. And how long has it been since LJ moved that?
Jun 27th, 2009 12:20 am - Aha!
This is why I take crosswords to class. Though I admit that crosswords are probably a lot better at distracting me, so I should try going for the doodling outright.
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