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Life of Brya
(the livejournal version)
Apr 28th, 2009 12:26 am - So... fishbot.
http://project-upstream.awardspace.com/ is the website for the people running it.

http://nixiepixel.com/blog/index.php/list-of-aim-fish-bots-salmon-coho-and-tr is the list of fishbot names.

HarpoonedCoho (12:20:47 AM): Joe the Plumber is horny.
me (12:21:10 AM): Is he?
HarpoonedCoho (12:21:17 AM): lol whaat
me (12:21:36 AM): omg fishbot
me (12:22:04 AM): HarpoonedCoho is a fishbot that sends us random shit to start random conversations.
HarpoonedCoho (12:23:18 AM): is that what my sn show up as to you? still not entirely sure how this all works, i'm kinda a newb :P
HarpoonedCoho (12:23:27 AM): *shows
me (12:23:35 AM): Yep.
me (12:23:43 AM): I only heard about it through, like, Reddit or something
HarpoonedCoho (12:23:50 AM): so i'm a fish then. awesome.
me (12:23:56 AM): It messaged me with "Joe the Plumber is horny."
HarpoonedCoho (12:24:59 AM): haha wow o.0 see all i keep getting are catholic sayings/ latin mottos
Aug 24th, 2008 06:03 pm(no subject)
This post is about Terrouge Firebird. If you don't know what that is and want to: it's a e-zine, by and for a bunch of book-readers who, mostly, are united by a past or present affection for the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Contains fan-fiction, reviews (of well-known works and the more-obscure), art and the occasional bit of poetry. It lives here. I write and do tech things for it.

More specifically, this post is about the technical side of Terrouge Firebird.

Skip if you don't care to be bombarded by process and details -- go read this month's issue of the magazine instead!Collapse )
Aug 12th, 2008 06:31 pm(no subject)
Note to the programmers who wrote the code that I get to add to:

Just because you're using a language that isn't object-oriented doesn't mean you get to make everything a global variable. Information hiding actually adds to the readability of code, I promise. Modular code is a lot easier to understand and properly modify.

Also, precise function names don't hurt.
I want to be this guy.

Video via sartorias, but she used it in a post on writing music.
Jul 22nd, 2008 06:01 pm - Debris
I was idly reading the moving-out guidelines (not applicable, but I was curious), which includes a checklist of things to do when cleaning/replacing.

I read: "Kitchen: 1. Sweep the floor and remove all dirt and gerbils."
Jul 18th, 2008 10:58 pm(no subject)
Hellgate: London is dying. Now what am I going to play for an entire day to celebrate a working computer? Argh.

In computer news: Best Buy finally finished with my laptop, so I have it in its box ready to go to the Toshiba depot. All late and stuff. Have to call UPS and see how to get it to them.

In more computer news: I got nearly all of the new parts I bought for the new desktop. Missing only the processor, which is on backorder. I'm going to call and see how much longer I'd have to wait, and then try to change my order if it's going to be too long.

The guys in the next row at work, the WebDev row, decided to have a water-drinking contest today. Hearing them was hilarious. One guy spent $20 on high-fiber/salty snacks, one guy brought fiber pills (and then took a dose, and then threw up and had to step out of the game), and one guy upped the ante by downing a few of those little packets of salt early in the afternoon. They had a spreadsheet, a timeline, a scoreboard, and a quick-rigged trophy (a chalice-looking plastic goblet spray-painted gold on a fake-granite base that somebody put together last night). The winner downed 7 of whatever units they were using; I think it was liters. They had to check in every empty and full bottle with one guy who wasn't participating... highly professional, highly competitive, but very good-natured.

I was slightly a zombie today at work because last night I hung out with some of the guys in my row at Mike-W's friend's house into the early morning. I'm the only one in the row with a project right now -- the rest are:
- Mike's filing and keeping up on bug reports for KDE 4.1, the RC -- and studying for classes. For once.
- Matt, Justin, and Chris are teaching themselves C++ with the aid of a brick-book
- Matt and Chris are prepping for some project along the lines of their previous one.
- Justin's reading a huge book on Linux because the project he and I will be taking over from Mike (when it gets another update) involves Slackware. Wooot.

I'm slowly wrapping up my project. At least, I like to think of it as "wrapping up". It's a ridiculously redundant thing that I'm making, it is, but I have to do it. I keep sending off pages of clarification questions; they've got to hate me because I keep calling them on inconsistencies. But, unfortunately, when you're programming something that makes sure its input matches a certain format, that format has to be pretty well specified. But. I hit a major snag today on just one feature of several, where I had to use a whiteboard to map out all the cases I had to test for and work out an approach that wasn't insane. Took hours to get it figured, coded, tested, and working how I wanted it, and then I came across a document that would break it all to pieces. That wasn't fun. So I ate Skittles (Mitch gave me an armload of candy and other sugary things last time I got to see him) and struggled to compose an email that was less "Argh, wtf do I do with this?" and more "Hey, can you help me understand why this doc appears to break the rules but doesn't actually?"

I brought my K'nex set up from the hometown and Wednesday put together my favorite project, the carousel. Weird-looking K'nex horses and a crazy but uniform color-motley. I even managed to balance the horses so that it starts rotating smoothly after the initial jitters. Last time I built it, it...oscillated? Uneven turning that never evened out, because the horses were all in the same position every time.

Hm, that's an entry, I guess!
Jul 5th, 2008 09:03 pm - Sorry!

Messed up my computer -- the technical details: a few problems with my battery or power cord led me to follow Toshiba's tech support site's advice to upgrade the BIOS, and it appeared to have gone fine, but it won't boot. Sad. So away it goes to someone who can fix it, and I'll have much less frequent internet access since I'm going to be relying on campus labs and the kindness of a roommate. Means no kind of instant messenger, I'm sorry to say. Please spread the news on Skype to anybody who doesn't have my LJ? Thanks, and much love.^^

Maybe this will finally kick me into relacing the harddrive on my old desktop computer so that I'm not totally crippled when the laptop has issues.

Jun 23rd, 2008 08:52 pm - "Buckminster Fuller--life or death."
"You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe."

A New Yorker article on Buckminster Fuller. When I heard a little of his invention-misadventures, I immediately thought of Discworld's Bergholt Stuttley "Bloody Stupid" Johnson.
May 31st, 2008 09:39 pm - So I stole this idea.
I hope you don't mind, Geo. (I missed it when you did it -- forgot to comment)

Thing is, I'm heading to Spain Tuesday. Tuesday night. It'll probably be Wednesday afternoon over there when we do touch down.

I collect postcards. I often get doubles or triples to send to friends and then never do. But I will! Just leave your address here if you want one. Comments screened, o' course, and I promise I won't do terrible things with that information.

Specifically, I'll be in Barcelona. The city was awarded the Royal Gold Medal for architecture. ((bounces up and down)) And they have a maritime museum and a science museum, and I'm going to hit up as many of the places I can find that even hint at a touch by Antoni Gaudí because he is awesome. And of course I'm going to botch all words of Catalan I come across, but Spanish is also an official language so yay. Also, I'm going to melt because it is the Mediterranean in summer.

If you don't want to or can't give me an address, I'll write you one anyway and scan both sides of it so you can have an electronic copy? ((shrug))
Apr 20th, 2008 07:29 pm - Just a thought.
How long until product placement in books?

If. And would it even be sensible?
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